Our Commitment

Millions of customers around the world bet with us every year — they like the excitement of having a small flutter and the thrill of winning. Betting and gaming are an enjoyable, sociable and memorable way to spend time; that’s why it continues to be so popular. However, unfortunately, for a small percentage of people, gambling ceases to be entertainment and can cause personal, social, financial and even health problems.

It is our responsibility to help our customers gamble safely and responsibly and reduce the risk of harm and help people who need treatment to get it.

This is why we have developed a new, safer gambling strategy, ‘Changing for the Bettor’.

The guiding principle of our safer gambling campaign is to be the most trusted and enjoyable betting operator in the world. We are putting customers at the heart of our business by ensuring they are protected from harm while enjoying their regular flutter. For more information about our strategy, please see our policy page.

What is safe gambling?

Safe Gambling is defined by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling as all aspects of gambling supply and consumption aimed at reducing the risk of risky, problematic, compulsive or pathological gambling behaviour or minimising the negative effects they may cause. Safe Gambling consists of the rational and sensible choice of gambling options, to prevent it from becoming a problem. Safe Gambling implies an informed and educated decision by our players with the sole objective of entertainment, always maintaining control over the time and money they want to spend and in which the value of what is played never exceeds what that the individual can afford based on his personal circumstances.

The Seven Pillars

The guiding principle of our safer gambling campaign, Changing for the Bettor, is to bethe most trusted and enjoyable betting operator in the world. This strategy is based around 7 pillars;

Understand the problem


we have announced a five year, multi-million-dollar project with the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. As part of our commitment to promoting player well-being and fostering a safe gaming environment, we are providing the Division on Addiction with anonymized gambling data for the purpose of conducting broad-ranging research on various topics related to safer gambling. This data includes information across different sports betting and gaming products. This comprehensive dataset allows the Division on Addiction to analyze indicators of problematic gambling behavior, assess the effectiveness of intervention messaging, and evaluate the impact of operators' safer gaming tools. By collaborating in this research, we aim to contribute to the collective understanding of safer gambling and further enhance the efficacy of player protection measures. The insights gained from analyzing this data will allow us to identify patterns, trends, and potential risk factors associated with gambling behavior, which can inform the development of evidence-based interventions and safer gaming strategies.

Educate stakeholders


We’re helping to educate thousands of young people and professionals about the potential risks of gambling harm and how to avoid them.

Promote responsible attitudes


Through advertising, marketing and sponsorship we’re promoting social responsibility.

Empower our customers

Change-ourselves for-the-Bettor

Within our products, we’re adding features that help customers to gamble safely. Within our processes, we’re using tech to lead the way in detecting problematic play and within our industry we’re working to collaborate and innovate.

Help people in need

Help-people-in -need

We’re funding treatment and support for people who suffer from gambling harm.

Design for safety


With ‘responsible design’ principles, we’re making sure our products are safe as well as fun.

Change ourselves for the Bettor


At Entain, safer gambling is everyone’s business. We’re making sure that everyone we work with knows safer gambling is core to all that we do.

Mechanisms for detecting risky gambling behavior and actions:

In addition, as part of our safer gambling policy, we have developed mechanisms to detect risky behavior. The aim is to safeguard our customers by minimizing problems before they arise. Where we detect a player at risk, a range of measures will be put in place, up to and including account suspension.

We have developed an automatic system based on specific Markers to be able to identify and study our user’s gaming behavior pattern, this allows the monitoring of such behaviors and develop preventive control measures. This system offers a mechanism for early detection and prevention of advanced problem gambling. 

Based on the information obtained through the above measures, and in application of the regulations on Safer Gambling such as the Royal Decree 176/2023, of March 14, we shall be required to notify users, restrict personal communications for advertising and promotions, and suspend and/or, where appropriate, terminate the contract and closure of the user account.