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Deposit Limits

Personal deposit limit

PartyPoker offers all its customers initial regulatory daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limit. The daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits are as follows: € 600 per day (00:00 to 24:00); € 1,500 a week (from Monday at 00:00 to Sunday at 24:00) and € 3,000 per month (first day of the month at 00:00 until the last day of the month at 24:00).

All requests for limit decreases will be implemented immediately; the following rules are applicable for requests for limit increases:

  • In the case of a first request to increase or remove the limits, the player must successfully complete and pass the latest version of DGOJ’s self-evaluation test. After the test is passed, the new limits will become effective after seven days.
  • In the case of a second request or subsequent requests to increase or remove limits made by the same player, we shall carry out a historical analysis of participation in games and behavior. The new limits will become effective three days after the analysis is positively resolved. We reserve the right to decline such requests if deemed appropriate, as well as to request additional clarification from the customer.

Please note we will not be able to process an increase of the limits, if three months have not elapsed since the last modification of deposit limits.

To set a deposit limit, please click here.

This page was last reviewed and updated: June 2020